Friday, May 6, 2016

Exit poll Result of Palakkad Assembly Constituency

As you know, Kerala Assembly Election 2016 will be held on 16th May 2016 at all 140 assembly constituencies. One of the Interesting constituency in Kerala poll 2016 is Palakkad Assembly Constituency. All major parties like Congress, CPM and BJP expects victory at Palakkad Constituency in Kerala Assembly Election 2016. Results of Palakkad Assembly Constituency in Kerala Poll 2016 will be available here soon after declaration on 19th May. BJP earned more votes in Kerala Panchayat Election 2015, the only BJP leading municipality in Kerala is Palakkad. Exit poll results of Palakkad Constituency in Kerala General Election 2016 is available here shortly

Candidates at Palakkad Assembly constituency in Kerala Assembly Election 2016

  1. Shafi Parambil (Congress)

  2. N.N Krishna Das (CPIM)

  3. Shobha Surendran (BJP)

  4. Dr. Anvarudheen (Ind.)

  5. Hari Arumbil (BSP)